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Decorating with Plants: 5 Ways to Add a Healthy Dose of Plant Life to Your Home

Decorating with Plants: 5 Ways to Add a Healthy Dose of Plant Life to Your Home

Kristin Holler

Are you looking for creative ways to sneak a little more nature into your dwelling? Whether you have space to spare or you’re boldly living the downsized life, there’s no limit to the number of ways you can bring the outside in. Plants provide an impactful punch for sooooo many reasons, the most important of which is your health! Never underestimate the benefits of plants in your home. Before we get into the how to’s of decorating with plants, let’s chat for a minute about the why’s…

Planters with drainage Holistic Habitat

Why You Should Add Plants to Your Home

There are really two main reasons why adopting some plant babies will do you and your home a world of good: 

Plants help you stay healthy!

The mental, physical, and emotional benefits of doing life with plants are undeniable. Few things enhance your quality of life like fresh, live greenery. Plants improve our indoor air quality by removing toxins from the air we breathe. Isn’t that nice of them? Aside from our physical health, plants are also credited with boosting mood, productivity, concentration, creativity, and overall feelings of tranquility. And who doesn’t need a little more zen in their life? 

clean your air with plants holistic habitat

Here’s an example for ya. You may or may not have thought to add a plant to your bathroom before, but trust me, you’ll want to in a minute. Plants not only add life and softness to your bathroom space, but they also do the dirty work. If you’re lucky enough to have a bathroom that receives about 4 hours of direct sunlight, get yourself an English ivy. This vining plant is known for its ability to purify airborne poo particles and mold spores (yes, I said poo). One study reports that English Ivy removes 94% of “airborne feces” (gross!) and 78% of airborne mold in just 12 hours. They also help relieve allergy symptoms. (Hold on for a minute, while I go buy me some English Ivy ASAP!) 

Aesthetic, aesthetic, aesthetic! 

Have an awkward empty space in your home that you don’t know what to do with? Do you want to add a splash of color to a room without painting an entire accent wall? Are you looking for a fresh way to add texture to an otherwise “meh” bookcase? Our answer to all of these dilemmas is… ADD PLANTS! The addition of live plants to any space instantly changes the entire aesthetic from drab and dismal to bright and lively. Plants add color, height, texture, and interest to your home. 

fill your home with plants holistic habitat

So HOW do you do that, exactly? Choosing the right plants for your space can feel complicated to the newbie plant mom. You should definitely check the light and air temp requirements of a plant before bringing it home. Make sure it’s going to work in the space you have in mind. Talk with your local green thumbs, your mom, your bestie, or the nice lady in the garden department who clearly knows what she’s doing. These people love to share their expertise. If you’re intimidated by the idea of keeping anything else alive, we’ve got you. We’ve written a special blog post for our black thumb friends. (Hey, we don’t expect you to be good at everything!)

How to Decorate with Plants like a Pro

If you’re feeling a little short on ideas (or short on space!) and find yourself wondering how you could possibly create the plant aesthetic you’re dreaming of, let’s get creative. This list could literally go on and on, but we’ve narrowed it down to some of our favorites. Here are a handful of our off-the-cuff ideas for enjoying a healthy dose of plant life in YOUR home…

1) Hang an herb garden in your kitchen area. 


Up your salad game and add freshness to your kitchen scene by growing your own herbs! Parsley, cilantro, rosemary, basil, and more can be grown right in your own home (rather than bought at the store and forgotten in your fridge...oops). Our Terracotta & Bamboo Wall Pots are perfect for this! A threesome of our wall-mounted White-Washed Clay Bell Planters filled with edible greenery would also be gorgeous. If you’re short on wall space, consider hanging pots in a kitchen window, or even from the ceiling. Line a windowsill with herbs in unique individual pots. (Low on sunshine? Try a grow light.) Get yourself thinking outside the box and I know you’ll find just the right spot for your indoor herb garden.

adding plants to your kitchen

2) Add a spa-like vibe to your bathroom with plants.


Bathrooms can often feel lifeless and sterile, so the addition of a plant here and there can add a sense of serenity and softness to your “rest” room that will instantly relax you. We already discussed one very good reason to add an English Ivy to your bathroom (ahem), but the light has to be just right for ivy to thrive. If you have a beautiful supersized master bathroom with room for a small tree, a potted Broad Lady Palm or Fiddle Leaf Fig will definitely appreciate the extra humidity. Smaller spaces are easy enough to add plants to, as well. Try a potted snake plant or ZZ (or “zazzle”) plant on the back of your commode (try the Earthy Lines Terracotta Pot), a few succulents on your windowsill, or a hanging spider plant above your tub or in the shower! 

clean your air at home with plants holistic habitat

3) Improve your sleep and purify the air in your bedroom.


The fact that plants take in carbon dioxide and release purified oxygen into the air means that humans and plants have the perfect symbiotic relationship! The Universe is pretty darn smart if you ask me. We spend roughly a third of our lives in bed, so it only makes sense that we’d want to keep the air we breathe in this space as clean as possible. Aromatics such as lavender and jasmine are well-known for their relaxing superpowers. But if the floral smells are a bit much for you, check out Snake Plants, English Ivy, Aloe Vera, and Spider Plants...all among the top 10 air purifying plants. A large palm in the corner of your bedroom is always stunning, but not everyone has that much room. If surface space is hard to come by, chin up. No, really. Try a hanging rod in the window...could it support a plant or two or three? (We love plants in threes!) You could hang a rod from your bedroom ceiling and artfully suspend a few of your favorite plants along the wall above your headboard, or even in place of one!

purify your air with plants holistic habitat

4) Let loose and go basket crazy! 


Can you ever have too many baskets? I think not. We love large baskets in natural tones and fun patterns that add interest, pattern, and texture to any space. Our Diamond Black & Natural Split Bamboo Basket Set is one of our all-time faves! Or, get organized AND create a new home for your plant friends with the Seagrass Basket Trio. This wall hanging basket set is perfect for your entryway, your bathroom, your home office… really, where wouldn’t they be great? And check out our Autumn Hues Jute Plant Basket, just waiting to be matched with the perfect potted plant! Isn’t it gorgeous? Spice it up with some color by placing some greenery in this Handwoven Cattail Basket with Raffia Poms. Your home will be looking all fun and boho in no time with the simple addition of a few handmade plant baskets.

pair of basket planters

5) Add life to unsuspecting spaces.


The sky really is the limit when it comes to finding homes for your new plant babies. Check out these ideas for creative spaces to house your plants:


  • The top of your fridge
  • On your fireplace mantle
  • Inside of an unused fireplace
  • Above your kitchen cabinets
  • On top of tall shelving units
  • Hanging from a coat hook or coat rack
  • On the back of your porcelain throne
  • Suspended from an existing curtain rod
  • Lined up along an empty picture ledge
  • On your table as a centerpiece (try a grouping!)
  • Arranged on top of a cart or bench
  • On top of a step stool


When it comes to adding layers of interest and bit of green whimsy to your home, we know you’re gonna rock decorating with plants. We’d love to see how you’ve styled yours! Tag us @holistichabitatclt on the gram and let us know how you’ve improved your life with all the happy green things. 


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