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Shopping for Spring 2018 in Guatemala

Hello friends!  It's been a while since we updated this blog and a lot has happened since we were here last. Truthfully, we started the blog because we thought we HAD to in order to gain some footing in this online world, but the truth is, we just couldn't keep up with blogging AND with getting the business started. An online store is A CRAPLOAD of work.  Work you never imagined, well, work WE never imagined. We've learned soooo much, and we wanted to start sharing that knowledge with you.


But, I have a question: Do you read blogs anymore? I know I do (this is Kristin, by the way. HI!). I read blogs on everything from interior design to best practices in social media, travel, women in entrepreneurship, politics, technology, online retailing, food, and DIY. I feel like I would be way behind the learning curve if I didn't do all of that reading. 

So, what do you think? What do you want to learn from US? Do you want us to share our DIY tips, our plant care tips, money saving ideas, how we source what we're able to bring you in our store? Maybe our thoughts on the do's and don'ts of starting an online store, or how about some creative ideas on how to use our products? Do you want a voice in what you will see in our upcoming collections? Spring is around the corner, and it's arriving in our warehouse now so, we have ALLLL the goodness to share soon, but would you like to be a voice in our heads as we select what we think you might love? We already have several voices in our heads; one more would be a party!

 Ultimately, we want to SERVE our followers and our customers. If it wasn't for you, we couldn't do what we are doing and we are LOVING every minute of this baby. What do you want to know? What can we give you that will fill a void in your life? What keeps you up at night and how can we help ease that pain point for you?

Let us know in the comments and on our Instagram account. Send us DMs. Send us alllll the DMs.  Email us too! And if you really have a head full of ideas, you can always call me (Kristin) via the "CALL"  link in our Instagram profile. That's my number!   

January 24, 2018 by Kristin Holler

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