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5 Black Owned Businesses that We are Completely Obsessed With

Karma Nutra

We covered the owner of this brand in our last year’s post  4 Black Interior Designers that You don’t Want to Miss, but we love this brand (and the boss babe who runs it) so much that we had to reiterate. I mean, the name alone is plain sexy.Karma Nutra is a plant based health and wellness brand that supports healthy living through providing nutritional goodness such as smoothies, wraps, buddha bowls, and juices in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. Karma Nutra believes that when you give your body life and goodness, that is what you get in return. The brand doesn’t just stop at the food, it has incredible swag promoting the owner’s  strong love of snacks and tatts, along with merch that promotes protecting the planet and reducing waste. Whitney Boyd, the boss herself, stated in aninterview that her goal is to open more Karma Nutras especially in black neighborhoods where healing food is needed the most. And speaking of the owner, we completely adore her. Whitney Boyd is a beautiful, talented, tatted, brilliant soul. Just one peek at herinstagram feed and you are drawn into her charming world.  Her decor is breathtaking ( and you know we love us some good decor).   Her  bohemian style (which you probably guessed based on her clever IG name) incorporates a mix of patterns, textures, plants, and a bold use of her favorite color black which really makes you feel as if you have entered an enchanted forest with magical healing powers.  She loves thrifting and reusing unique pieces that have a story and a beauty all their own. Positive vibes only. Whitney Boyd is all Black Girl Magic. 

Redefining Wealth

If you want to get your coins all the way right, then this is where you need to be. Redefining Wealth is a podcast that doesn’t just give you tips on securing the bag, but helps you get your ENTIRE life.  Patrice Washinton, the brilliant boss behind the brand, has a holistic approach to money management. She teaches her listeners that being wealthy is more than having material possessions and educates them on what she calls “The 6 Pillars of Wealth.”   One of those pillars is space, where she teaches that you cannot be wealthy if your space is a hot mess ( and you know we 100% agree). She explains that most people waste time looking for things that they already own, and we all know that time is money. She also goes a little bit deeper and explains that clutter is a manifestation of what is happening in your mind and in order for us to operate at our best, we need to make sure that we have a space that supports us. Patrice Washington is a powerhouse of wisdom and every Thursday she will snatch your edges by confronting deep rooted issues that you didn't even realize you had and help you get your ish together.  A couple scrolls down her IG page will have you feeling inspired to take the next steps in pursuing your purpose. She also serves as a business coach, helping hundreds of women find purpose and pursue it with ferocity. She equips the women who sign up for her program with tools, knowledge, a growth mindset, and a community of sisters who all uplift and support each other. She is also a brilliant speaker and has authored several books including her latest bookRedefine Wealth for Yourself.  Can I say Black girl Magic again? Black Girl Magic!

Indigo Sands

As you all know, we love beautiful things and this beauty makes some very beautiful things. Krymsym is the owner of Indigo Sands, a novel polymer clay jewelry store located right here in North Carolina! This eccentric entrepreneur took her love of fashion and endless creativity and turned it into a business that started during the COVID pandemic less than a year ago. Every item in her onlinestore is hand crafted to perfect imperfection by Krymsym herself. When you watch her videos onInstagram andTik Tok, you can feel the joy that creating these unique pieces brings her.  In fact, this business has helped her battle anxiety and depression. Her smile is contagious and you catch yourself smiling along as you watch her knead, mix, cut and roll a boring piece of clay and transform it into a masterpiece. It is clear that her earrings and necklaces not only bring her joy, but her followers and customers love her products causing most of her earrings to be completely sold out. We can’t wait to see Krymsym and Indigo Sands’ evolution in the upcoming years. And we’ll be right here to cheer her on. You go girl!

Pop of Love Beauty

And while we are on the topic of beautiful things we cannot let this post end without shouting out this up and coming makeup brand. Pop of Love Beauty is an ethically sourced, vegan  makeup brand created by Kathleen Simpson. Kathleen has always been passionate about skin care and beauty and created this brand to help women feel good about what they put on their skin.  Her goal is to create a sense of community for her followers and customers.  Pop of Love doesn’t believe that makeup should be used to cover or alter a person’s natural attributes, but to enhance their already beautiful features. Each product is handmade in small batches to preserve quality and packaged with an extra dose of love. Pop of Love Beauty’s products include lip scrubs, body butters, eye shadows, and lipsticks. I must say that I am absolutely crazy about their lipstick collection. The range of colors and shades is an entire mood. Whether you’re working from home and want to spice things up or you’re in the boardroom making moves, to a romantic Zoom date (thanks a lot COVID), this brand has got you covered. From bold reds to subtle nudes, there is a shade for every occasion. The customers love the products and Kathleen is having a blast chasing her dreams and building the brand. Head over to  Pop of Love Beauty  and support this amazing Black Owned Business. 

The Atlanta TreeHouse

Who doesn’t love tiny homes? The ingenuity. The clever design. The multi-purposed decor. Even if you wouldn’t necessarily live in one, a few nights in a beautiful cozy space would be dreamy. The Atlanta Treehouse is a 700 square foot tiny home, nestled among the trees, suspended 25 ft  in the air, neighbored to a 400 year old tree, and canopied by leaves and stars. And trust me, it is as romantic as it sounds. This property was built by Darrel Maxam, and is the 6th addition to his tiny house Airbnb village. This tiny house village sits on 2.5 acres of land in East Point, Atlanta includes a community farm, koi pond, and even free range chickens (with fresh eggs), and is a juxtaposition to the city only a few miles away. Darrel and his wife, Patrice, decided that they wanted to leave a legacy for their children. Darrel used his educational background (masters in  construction management) to build this beautiful getaway. What’s even more remarkable is that Darrel and his building partners go out of their way to repurpose and source items that are bound for landfills, and can sometimes spend up to a month demolitioning old structures to use anything that they can salvage. Darrel also strives to give back to his community pointing guests to local businesses, and using them himself for his own business needs. He also employs homeless and formerly homeless individuals to do carpentry work. 

Darrel has built a beautifully aesthetic business around his Atlanta treehouse, making it a spot for micro weddings and special events, providing caterers, and decoration for under $10,000.  Its picturesque setting and decor makes it ideal for photoshoots, special events, and romantic retreats.  Check out this beautiful tiny home and book a stay whenever you want to get away somewhere magical.

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